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Test And Diagnostic

Project And

Operation And

Maintenance Services

Mechanical Field Services

  • Overhaul, repair and maintenance of

    Gas Turbines (E-class, F-class, J-class, all major manufacturers) Steam Turbines (all types and makes) Aeroderivative Gas Turbines (for LM2500, LM6000, RB211 and Avon) Hydro Turbines (all types and makes)
  • Repair and maintenance of boilers

  • Repair and maintenance of balance of plant (BOP)

    e.g.: pumps, fans, valves, gear boxes etc.
  • Technical Advisory services

  • On-site dynamic balancing of rotors (up to 100 tons)

  • Borescope inspection

  • Special equipment and tools:

    Onsite low speed balancing machines (30 and 100 tons) Onsite 8 meter long lathe and blade tip grinding machines for Siemens Gas Turbine V94.2 etc. Onsite 5 meter diameter Top Cover and Bottom Rings machining equipment for Francis Runner Onsite automatic and manual rotators for heavy steam turbine and gas turbine rotors Various portable tool containers for Heavy-Duty Gas Turbines, large Steam Turbines and Hydro Turbines Various tools for GE Gas Turbine LM2500 Hot Section Exchange

Electrical Field Services

  • Major and minor overhauls of generators of all makes

  • Static and brushless exciter inspection

  • Seal oil systems overhaul for hydrogen-cooled generators

  • Stator re-wedging

  • Stator winding repairs and rewinding

  • Rotor winding repairs and rewinding

  • Rotor retaining ring removal and inspection

  • Exciter winding repairs and rewinding

  • Generator parts repair or refurbishment

  • Visual and borescope inspection on stator and rotor

  • Heat exchanger hydrostatic pressure testing

  • Alignment of generators from various OEM's

  • Dry ice cleaning of electrical windings

  • Leakage test for hydrogen-cooled generators

Control And Instrumentation Field Services

  • Instrumentation calibration for power plants, process plants, oil and gas industries

  • Control system upgrading of DCS such as Mark V & VI, Diasys Up, Diasys Netmation, Valmet

  • Electrical retrofit e.g. breaker installation and AVR upgrading

  • Troubleshooting for electrical, C & I and plant process

  • Commissioning after overhaul of Gas Turbine, Steam Turbine, Hydro Turbine, Diesel Engine etc.

  • Process optimisation for power plant and process plant e.g.: boiler control tuning, turbine control tuning

Repair Services

Refurbishment of Power Plant Machinery Component

  • One-Stop centre for repair and refurbishment, providing the need for independent, adaptive, accessible and flexible turbo-machinery services

  • Refurbish a wide range of rotary, stationary and structural components including Hot Gas / Steam Path components (vanes, blades, shrouds and combustors)

Integrating our experience, high-end equipment and expertise, TNB REMACO Repair Centre offers the following services:

  • Repair And Refurbishment

    Gas Turbines Steam Turbines Hydro Turbines White Metal Bearing Gearbox Pumps and Valves
  • On-Site Repair

    GT Exhaust system Boiler inspection and repair Rotor assessment and repair Balance of Plant and Auxiliaries On-Site Machining
  • Reverse Engineering

    3D Dimensional Scanning Finite Element Analysis Parts Fabrication

Laboratory And Metallurgical Analysis

  • Material Analysis

  • Failure Investigation

  • Remaining Life Assessment

  • Microstructure Analysis

  • Destructive Testing

Special Processes

  • Thermal Coating (HVOF/Plasma)

  • Vacuum Heat Treatment

  • Blasting and Shot Peening

  • Brazing

  • Burner Flow Test

  • Coupon Replacement

  • Chemical Stripping

  • Stationary Frequency Test

We have state-of-the-art facilities to comprehensively support our services:

  • Vacuum Furnace

  • Acid Stripping

  • 100 Tons Portable Lathe Machine

  • Machine Shop

  • Non-Destructive Testing

  • White / Blue Light Scanner

  • Coordinate Measuring Machine

  • Laser Welding

  • 75 Tons Overhead Crane

  • Semi-automated Shot Peening

  • Special Tools and Fixtures

  • Welding Positioner

Operation And Maintenance Management

Operation And Maintenance (O & M) Services

  • Day-to-day Operations and Routine Maintenance

  • Complete plant staffing

  • Scheduled Maintenance

  • Preventive Maintenance and Corrective Maintenance

  • Predictive Maintenance programmes (Risk Based Inspection, Condition Monitoring)

  • Inventory Management

  • Site documentation and ISO procedure development

  • Site-specific computerised maintenance management programmes

  • Comprehensive training

  • Environmental, Health and Safety programmes

  • Engineering and Technical Support

TNB REMACO O & M Services can provide management and operation of:

  • Power Plants

    Open & Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Hydro Desalination Plant Oil, Gas and Industrial Plants Conventional Thermal (Coal, Oil, Gas) Utilities Process Flows

Coal O & M And Management Contract:

  • Coal stacking to stock pile

  • Coal reclaiming to bunker

  • Recirculation of coal

  • Day-to-day operations

  • Scheduled maintenance (O & M planning/scheduling, plant rehabilitation, etc.) of Coal Stock Yard and Bulk Terminal

Plant Rehabilitation

  • Provides technical and management consultancy and owner’s engineer for conversion

  • Relocation

  • Refurbishment and/or rehabilitation of power plants/utilities

Plant Technical And Management Consultancy

  • Technical project management

  • Technical feasibility studies and utility management consultancy

Project And Engineering Services

Project Management Services

  • Provide technical and engineering services to ensure projects will be completed on time, within allocated cost and to the required quality standards

Services offered:

  • Preliminary studies

  • Conceptual design

  • Tender document preparation

  • Tender evaluation

  • Management of project/contract during implementation, including technical review

  • Assist client with resolution of contract disputes

  • Assist client with Project close-out and handing-over

Areas of expertise:

  • Power Generation Plant Projects

    Construction Relocation Rehabilitation Demolition
  • Transmission and Distribution Projects

    Land acquisition and wayleave services Construction

Engineering, Procurement, Construction And Commissioning

  • Design and construction of power-related projects within Malaysia and overseas on a full turnkey basis

Areas of expertise:

  • Power Generation Plants

    Diesel Generator sets Open-cycle Gas Turbines Combined-cycle Gas Turbine Co-generation plant Renewable energy, including hybrid
  • Transmission and Distribution Projects

    Transmission line Substations Underground and overhead cabling


  • Civil and infrastructure works, including slope repair

Test And Diagnostic Services

Test Services

  • Performance Test

  • Battery Discharge Test

  • Battery Conductance Test

  • Protection Relay Calibration Test

  • Tested Annual Available Capacity (TAAC) Test

  • Current Transformer (CT) and Voltage Transformer (VT) Testing & Analysis

  • Transformer Guard Test

  • Protection Relay Rehabilitation and Installation

  • Energy Meter Verification

  • GPS Time Stamping

  • Transformer Stability Test

  • Malaysia Grid Code Test

Electrical Diagnostic Services

    • Electrical Core Imperfect